Shiras Moose Hunts

This territory is located in the Okanagan which has a high population of Shiras Moose. Season opening is October 1st through to November 30th. These Moose can range in excess of 35-45 inches with some in the mid 50’s and can range from 800-1000lbs. It is some of the finest game meat you will ever taste.

The October hunt consists of travelling in pick-ups and jeeps with some short hikes into some of the peek rutting areas. This is the least physical hunt with Canada West Outfitters. We have great success this time of year calling in these Shiras Moose. This rutt hunt can be action packed calling in multiple bulls while looking for the one you want to harvest.

The November hunt consists of covering as much ground as possible, these bulls have now moved into their wintering grounds and are in small bachelor groups. Once the Shiras Moose are located it will be a spot and stock hunt. Your ability to make a longer shot would be to your advantage during this time of year.

After the 15th of November this hunt can also be combined with a cat combination of Lynx, cougar and bobcat.

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