Mule Deer Hunts

Trophy mule deer is September 10th to November 10th. The Okanagan-highlands are famous for great deer hunting. During the September hunts we are backpacking into the higher elevation areas, as a day hike or backpack-spiking out in tents. The weather is still quite warm this time of the season and the bucks are hiding from the bugs in the high sub-alpine loaded with protein filled wild grass. This is a very physical hunt much like a sheep hunt but truly a great experience getting into some of the most beautiful remote alpine basins, high ridges and snow capped peaks.

Bucks are respectively in the 160 to 175 class range. The early hunt can be a great combination with black bear as the bears have left feeding on grass in the valley bottom and are loading up on sugar from wild berries. As winter approaches buck movement is usually first thing in the morning and right before dark. So, having a bear tag in your pocket makes daytime glassing more interesting.

Late October and November mule deer hunting is a little different, these bucks are now moving down from their alpine summer home. As the snow builds up and the rut begins, our hunting tactics change as well. It becomes more like our late season moose hunt, covering lots of ground by pick-up, jeep or snowmobile. Spot and stalk, glassing big country to locate bucks and make an approach. This hunt is much less physical than the early season mule deer hunt and can be a great combination with Shiras Moose for some extra action.

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