General Information

Gear List

  • 1 soft gun case
  • 1 scoped rifle (Firearms are available for all hunts on site for a rental fee)
  • 2 boxes of ammunition
  • 1 pair of binoculars
  • 1 day pack
  • 1 pair of leather boots with grip sole (Thinsulate minimum of 400 grams)
  • 1 pair of camp shoes
  • 3 pairs of heavy socks
  • 1 medium weight jacket (quiet material)
  • 1 medium weight hunting pants (quiet material)
  • 2 light hunting shirts

For late season Moose + All cat hunts

  • 1 set of Under Armour Shirt + Pants
  • 1 wool pants
  • 1 wool sweater
  • 1 medium weight jacket (quiet material)
  • 1 vest
  • 1 heavy weight winter jacket
  • 1 set quality raingear with hoot (Helly Hansen)
  • 1 winter hat
  • 2 pairs of heavy weight gloves (for winter hunts)
  • 1 pair of googles for snowmobile
  • 1 head lamp and flashlight
  • personal toiletries
  • any personal medications
  • sun glasses
  • camera
  • refillable water bottle


  • range finder
  • satellite phone
  • knife and sharpener
  • extra batteries

Travel & Accommodations

All trips begin and end at Penticton airports where we pick you up and drop you off. Easy flight connections can be made through Air Canada and West Jet from Vancouver.

Our accommodations provide a comfortable lodging experience located in the middle of the guide area.

Safe Firearms Handling

In British Columbia it is illegal to have a loaded firearm in any motorized vehicle. At some point during the stalk or approach your guide will ask you to load your firearm, always keep it pointed in a safe direction with the safety on. Your guide will assist you in proper shot placement, always trust your guide.


Tips for your guide are not included in the cost of the hunt. 5-10% of the cost of the hunt would be considered the industry standard. Multiple species hunts should be more, keeping in mind that the percentage should increase due to the extra effort from your guides.

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